Chamber Concerts: 5 Reasons Why You Can Book With Total Confidence This Summer

The return of live performances is almost upon us. Yet, for many the prospect of booking tickets to attend public events such as concerts is still a scary one, especially amid news of new variants and the possibility of shifting timelines. Here we are going to explain what we are doing to make our chamber concerts the safest possible events and how we have got every eventuality covered, so that you can book with confidence. 

socially-distance chamber concert

1. Your safety is our highest priority

At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, in March 2020, ChamberMusicBox was one of the first arts organisations in the UK to cancel upcoming performances amid rapidly rising infection numbers. We were acutely aware that many of our regular audience members would be put at risk by attending concerts, so it was with a heavy heart that on 14 March 2020 we cancelled a concert scheduled for the following day. 

When we re-started concerts in the autumn all our measures had to pass one simple test: would we be comfortable inviting our own elderly parents or clinically extremely vulnerable friends? The answer turned out to be a resounding YES and we were absolutely delighted to welcome so many people for whom our concert had been their first social outing in six months or more. 

2. All seating remains in household bubbles

Whilst UK government guidance allows for 50% audience capacity from 17 May onwards, we won’t be going for the maximum allowed, but for the maximum that feels safe and allows for adequate social distancing in any given venue within these guidelines. 

All seating will remain in household bubbles, which is why all tickets must be pre-booked and cannot currently be purchased on the door. We carefully work out seating plans according to bookings received.

3. Masks are mandatory

The wearing of masks in the way they are designed to be worn is non-negotiable at our concerts (unless a valid medical exemption applies) for all audience members, front of house staff, and artists unless on stage. Masks must be worn at all times whilst inside the venue.

Covid-safe chamber concerts

4. Easy contactless booking and arrival

Pre-booking is mandatory, both in order to enable seating in bubbles as well as for contact tracing purposes. Our online booking system using Ticket Tailor is quick, easy and completely free of any booking fees. When you arrive, all we need is your surname and one of our front of house team will escort you to your seats. 

Each of our concerts can be booked easily from our website via the ‘BOOK NOW’ buttons that will take you straight to the correct Ticket Tailor page. Why not browse our upcoming concerts now? 

5. All tickets to our chamber concerts are refundable

We understand that NOTHING is certain right now and that government guidance can change overnight or that any of us can suddenly find ourselves in quarantine. No problem! That’s why all our tickets are refundable and we aim to process refunds within 24 hours.

We only have one polite request: if, for whatever reason, you can’t attend, but don’t want a refund, please still let us know. As capacity is so restricted and demand for tickets very high, we don’t want anyone to miss out.

If you have any questions or specific requirements, please contact our team and we will do everything possible to help. We look forward to welcoming you to our chamber concerts!

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