Fermata Festival

Eleanor Gilchrist – violinist

Eleanor Gilchrist

A freelance violinist based in London, Eleanor has enjoyed making music in Britain, Europe and around the world. She has played with symphony orchestras, opera groups and chamber music ensembles; every type of music from historical baroque and classical performance to contemporary classical and pop music. She has been painting for almost ten years and has exhibited with the Dulwich Woods Art Group where she studies with Liz Butler RWS.

What has creating art meant to you over the last year?

While I have found it difficult at times to feel creative during the pandemic, exploring art has been an important outlet while missing playing music, travelling and collaborating with other musicians. My subjects have tended to reflect our constrained circumstances – from photographs of faraway places to a new appreciation of local front gardens!

Kew Gardens


46.5 x 38cm


Japanese Garden


33 x 38cm


Doorway in Almeria


49.5 x 39cm


Monet’s Garden


29 x 39cm