Fermata Festival

Kirsty Matheson – double-bassist

Kirsty Matheson

Kirsty is an artist and musician working in Glasgow. She is a professional orchestral double bass player and teacher. When the Covid Pandemic 2020 silenced the orchestras, she turned to art.

Kirsty has been working professionally as an artist for the past year. She has been selling work on her website as well as having completed multiple commissions.

On February 1st 2021 Kirsty began her 100 day project to produce a painting, based on a different piece of orchestral music every day for one hundred days. The project was a huge success: she has grown a following on social media as well as having been interviewed on BBC Radio Scotland. The works were in great demand – all 100 paintings sold by day 100!

Kirsty has established herself as an artist having a unique insight into painting music, painting sound.

What has creating art meant to you over the last year?

When the pandemic hit it silenced our orchestras but I need music. I am a musician even when the concert halls are silent.
My need to express myself, meant I needed to communicate all that emotion, but how with no sound?
My 100 day project has shown me that Art for me is also Music. I use Art to express the same emotions as a musician. Others have connected to what I paint and I have been able to sell paintings that have in turn meant to so much to other people. Art has given me, given us, a sanctuary.

Tchaikovsky Souvenir de Florence

Acrylic on cradled gesso board

18 x 18 inches



1 in stock

Ravel String Quartet in F major

Acrylic on cradled board

30 x 30cm

Framed in a white tray frame



Webern 6 Bagatelles for String Quartet

Six paintings of each Bagatelle, framed vertically as shown in a white tray frame.

Each painting is 4×4 inches. Height including frame will be 17 x 5 inches.


Shostakovich String Quartet No. 8

Acrylic on cradled board

30 x 30cm

Framed in a tray frame