Fermata Festival

Laura Bowler – composer

Laura Bowler

Laura Bowler, described as “a triple threat composer-performer-provocatrice” (The Arts Desk) is a composer, vocalist and Artistic Director specialising in theatre, multi-disciplinary work and opera. She has been commissioned across the globe by ensembles and orchestras including the BBC Symphony Orchestra, ROH2, Opera Holland Park, The Opera Group, Manchester Camerata, London Philharmonic Orchestra, Quatuor Bozzini (Canada), Ensemble Phace (Austria), Ensemble Linea (France) and Omega Ensemble (Australia). Future projects include a 40 minute music theatre for Jessica Aszodi and London Sinfonietta with text by Cordelia Lynn and directed by Katie Mitchell; a 50 minute multimedia work for herself to perform with Decoder Ensemble commissioned by HCMF; a new opera for Ensemble Lydenskab to premiere in 2023 supported by Ernst Von Seimens Foundation and a multimedia work for pianist, Zubin Kanga and a new opera for the Royal Opera House with libretto by Laura Lomas and directed by Katie Mitchell.

What has creating art meant to you over the last year?

Going back to painting over the past 12 months has given me a huge sense of relief. It has enabled me to express myself without fear of judgement. It is a creative outlet that enables me to delve into something that is purely visceral and raw without any intellectual concern. I’m self taught, so there seems to be no fear of doing the “wrong thing”. It’s a refreshing change from the panic ridden state of self-doubt that comes during the process of composing. My creative desires are constantly at odds with the seeking of perfection in western classical music training, so this more personal and intimate process of painting seems to free me of these worries.

Women I

Acrylic on canvas board

40 x 40cm


Self Portrait I

Acrylic on canvas board

24 x 18 inches