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Nunziatina del Vecchio – cellist

Nunziatina del Vecchio

Nunziatina Del Vecchio has spent the majority of her life as a professional cellist, playing with major European Orchestras and Ensembles. British born, but of Italian descent, she spent 10 years in Germany until moving to London in 2010. Now married with 2 children, Nunziatina leads a triple life as a mother, cellist and artist. She uses acrylic paints and media to create rich textures and colour which are characteristic of her abstract artworks. Influenced by the music that she has spent her life playing, her spontaneous instincts and emotions dictate the movements and textures she creates.
Nunziatina has exhibited at Chelsea Art Fair, Sevenoaks International Art Fair, Framer’s Gallery London, and at a series of private exhibitions. Her works have been commissioned by collectors in the UK, Germany and the Middle East. Her pieces have also been used on multiple album covers in both the classical and film genres.

What has creating art meant to you over the last year?

This last year has been very difficult for everyone and in particular the arts have suffered in so many ways. All of my playing work came to a sudden halt overnight and my only creative outlet became my painting. Homeschooling was particularly challenging and most of the paintings that I managed to produce consumed my evenings. Although I have been painting since 2012, being able to create artwork over the last 12 months has been what I needed to replace my constant wish to return to work as a cellist.

Nella Luce

Acrylic on canvas

50 x 100cm




Acrylic on canvas

76 x 100cm



Acrylic on canvas

60 x 90 cm



Acrylic on canvas

30 x 90cm



Acrylic on canvas

60 x 90cm