Fermata Festival

Simon Baggs – violinist

Simon Baggs

Simon is a violinist and conductor. He is emerging as an authority on the life and works of Edward Elgar, on which subject he regularly gives lectures.

He has always been passionate about art, is self taught, and began oil painting in 1999.

What has creating art meant to you over the last year?

In the last year, as music has largely lay silent, oil painting has provided me with creative activity, a focus and a sanctuary from a world that has become unrecognisable.

Mojacar (Spain)

Oil on canvas

60 x 50.5cm



Oil on canvas

24 x 30cm



Oil on canvas board

13 x 18cm


Venice I

Pencil on paper

10.5 x 15cm


Loch Ness (from Fort Augustus)

Oil on canvas

20 x 30cm