Fermata Festival

Triona Milne – violist

Triona Milne

Tríona Milne, viola, has lived in London for 18 years. Having studied at the Royal Academy and Royal College of music, she has a varied career as chamber musician and session musician. She holds a position in the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and tours all over the world. She freelances with Aurora Orchestra, The Academy-of-St. Martin-in-the Fields, London Symphony and the Heritage Orchestra.
She has recorded and toured with many artists such as Björk, Jonny Greenwood, Kate Rusby and Katy Perry.
She lives in South East London with her bassoon-playing partner.

What has creating art meant to you over the last year?

Since November I started to paint everyday during lockdown. I’ve painted on and off since studying Art in secondary school. I seized upon this enforced sabbatical to hone my skills and explore visual art with no time restrictions. Instagram supporters helped and encouraged my journey, I discovered an Artist/Musician community. During Lockdown, playing the viola became difficult because of neighbours now working from home. With restrictions on music-making I was so grateful to have another way of expressing and creating. Much of my work has a musical theme and came from researching the lives of composers.

Stravinsky’s Ballets

Silver, black ink on watercolour paper

40 x 30cm


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Eagle and Salmon

Watercolour, acrylic on watercolour paper

60 x 26cm



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Koi Fish and Dragonfly

Watercolour, acrylic on watercolour

24 x 17 inches


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Purple Nude

Ink and acrylic on cartridge paper

56 x 39cm



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Pink Lady Nude

Watercolour, acrylic, charcoal, ink

135 x 20



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