Es ist vollbracht!

After being a permanent feature on the agenda of CMB planning meetings for the last two years, ‘Project New Website’ finally got its moment two weeks ago. With the news that any prospect of concerts was another three months away, there really were no more excuses. 

Whilst our old site had served its purpose well for a few years, it became ever more obvious that ChamberMusicBox as an organisation had outgrown it and needed something far more dynamic, inviting and user-friendly. What wasn’t part of the plan was for me to create this lean and mean machine myself!

With no concerts in the diary and a very sore left arm from my first dose of Pfizer, I decided to give myself a day off from practising. But what Yuri calls ‘the propellor in my behind’ unfortunately doesn’t do ‘rest’ very well. Thus I boiled the kettle, installed myself on the sofa and decided to explore a world I had previously given a wide berth: WordPress!

From Cellist to WordPress Ninja

The first choice for most developers for its endless customisation options and thousands of plug-ins, it is also by far and away the most technically challenging website platform to build a site on. But with nothing else to do, I spent the next three hours with Darrell, the YouTube tutorial guy, and by the end I was starting to think I might perhaps be able to create what I had in mind after all. (Is overinflated confidence a known vaccine side-effect???)

Two weeks of shouting at the computer screen later and – so I am being told – spending more time with Darrell than my dearly beloved man, I am now in a serious relationship with the entire 24/7 live online tech support team, but I hope to have achieved what I set out to create: an inviting online space for our audience that delivers on aesthetics, content and functionality.

What’s New

You want to join our mailing list? Sure. Read about our artists? No problem. Join our Friends Scheme online? Go right ahead! This new Blog feature will regularly contain news items, artist interviews, backstage stories and articles about the music we play, written by our players. In short: we want to bring you more ChamberMusicBox in between concerts. 

 Speaking of which: tomorrow it’s back to the day job, because there are some very exciting projects and concerts being planned. So make sure you DO SIGN UP TO THE MAILING LIST!


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